1. You need to view what emails have been sent to your customers

This document assumes the following:

  • You know how to send emails to your customers from inside Enrolmy

  • You know when Enrolmy sends Automated emails to your customers

  • You have previously sent emails to your customers

Email communication with customers, viewing email content.

There are many emails which will go out to parents, some of which will be automated from Enrolmy, whilst others may be sent or created by yourself and your actions on their account.

  • The communication tab is always a good place to start to verify and track what has occurred on an account.

1. You can find the communication tab under the large '+' symbol.


2. In here, you can see the different types of emails going out to parents or attendees, these will show the status of the email and if it has been opened, clicked and read etc.  It also displays the date it was been sent.


Viewing an email and its content

You can view an email from the communication tab to see what has been sent, to do this select the cog to the right-hand side of the screen, click view and it will display the email as below:


Email Details

Below you can see the detail within the email which will also show you if the email has been read and the time and subject of the email sent.


Awesome! You now know how to view sent emails.