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How To Void An Invoice


  1. You have made an invoice you want to delete (Void)

This document assumes the following:

  • You understand the financial principles your business operates with

  • You understand that if you void an invoice it is final and cannot be undone

  • If you are connected to Xero - you understand how this will be reflected

How To Void An Invoice

  1. Navigate to the Money Tab.

  2. Navigate to the Awaiting Payment Tab.

  3. Open the invoice you want to void and

  4. Click on +More symbol, and then

  5. Select Void Invoice

  6. Follow the prompt and provide a reason for voiding the invoice

Navigate to your Money tab again, select the '+' tab → Void, you will see the invoice appear in the list of voided invoices.

Opening up the void invoice will show you reason why it has been voided

Awesome! You now know how to void invoices. 

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