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How Your Parents Can Navigate Enrolmy


  1. You want to make a change/update current details on Enrolmy

  2. You want to change the Email and/or Password you use for Enrolmy 

This document assumes you know the following:

  • You have an active account with Enrolmy

  • You have a booking with a provider 

How To Navigate Your Enrolmy Account

  1. Log Into your Enrolmy Account using the Login Page with your credentials

Once in your account, you can:

  • View your Paid and Outstanding Invoices

  • Make other bookings and Find different activities

  • Edit and Update Enrolment Form details for you and your child

  • Change/Update your Email

  • Change/Update your Password

  • Upload your Credit Card details for Payments 

  • Modify and Edit Current bookings  

Awesome! Parents can now navigate through their parent portal easily!

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