1. You want to know who is new to your programme

This document assumes the following:

  • You have already created a staff login 

  • You have already downloaded the Enrolmy for Providers Mobile Application

Identifying A New Child On The Mobile App

The Info Tab on the Enrolmy for Providers Mobile App will allow onsite staff to quick-view certain details of children who are booked in for that day → this includes finding out who is brand new to your programme.

You may want to know this information to:

  1. Create a special welcome for that child

  2. Pick up that child directly from their classroom

  3. Call their caregivers to just let them know how they are adjusting

Where To Find This Information

Head into the info tab on the mobile app and select attendance notes. If there is anyone that is new to your programme, they will be highlighted as below:

 Yay! You now know how to identify a new child in your programme easily!

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