1. You need to manage a 2nd Parent or Guardian's access to a child's account.

  2. This change has been requested by the Primary Contact.

This document assumes the following:

  • You have accounts set up for each Parent, and the associated Children.

  • The 2nd Parent or Guardian has either limited access or no access, to act on their child's behalf.

  • You are certain of the legitimacy of this relationship.

On the enrolment form, there are options to enable permissions for the Second Parent or  Guardian to edit or act on behalf of the Primary Guardian for their children.

  •  If a Second Parent or Guardian's email address already exists in the Enrolmy system (because a primary guardian entered it via the enrolment form) the second Parent or Guardian is able to create an Enrolmy account.  

  • This second Parent or Guardian' will not see any children that the Primary Guardian has made bookings for previously unless the Primary Guardian has enabled permission for that user to see those children.

  • Second Parents or Guardians can also pay invoices and complete enrolment form details if the Primary Parent has enabled permission for them to act on their behalf.

  • Whoever makes the booking gets the invoice in their name so if the Second Parent makes a booking they are the bill payer for that invoice. 

  • There is a “My Family” section in the front-end that gives each user full control over permissions.

Awesome! You now know how to manage access for 2nd Parents/Guardians.