1. You want to create a new manual invoice

  2. You want to edit a billpayer on an invoice

  3. You want to edit a draft invoice

  4. You want to view Enrolmy invoice in Xero

This document assumes the following:

  • You have set up your activity on Enrolmy

We recommend automatically generating invoices through Activities you run. Please refer to the relevant help guides in our Help Centre in order to follow the correct steps.

We recommend creating invoices manually only if an attendance has been locked and you require invoicing to occur for a change to occur resulting in a charge (i.e. additional charge, late fees)

How to Manually Create an Invoice

  1. Navigate to Money tab then New Invoice.

2. Fill in all the details and select Create Invoice

Please note that you can enter negative-priced line items if discounts are applied. The saved invoice will appear in the Drafts section within the Invoice tab.

How To Edit Draft Invoices

You can edit the contents of any invoices generated in Enrolmy only while they are in the Draft status. Please refer to this help guide for further details: How Draft Invoices & Credit Notes Work

How to Edit the Billpayer on an Invoice 

Please refer to this help guide to learn How to Edit The Billpayer On An Invoice while the invoice is in the Draft or Awaiting Payment status.

View Invoices from Enrolmy in Xero

It is possible to jump directly to the corresponding invoice in Xero from inside Enrolmy. Please note that only invoices approved in Enrolmy will flow and will be visible in Xero:

  1. Navigate to the full view of any invoice that has been synced with Xero

  2. Click the View in Xero link:


Congratulations! You now understand Invoices in Enrolmy!