1. You have set up your BASC activity and need to update the information before taking bookings 

  2. You have set up your BASC and want to know what you can edit once bookings have been taken 

This document assumes the following:

  • You have an activity set up and it is currently running

Locked & Unlocked Features Within An Activity When Editing

We have locked the ability to certain changes once it has been set up and customers have booked sessions. Some features are unlocked and editable after you have taken bookings. See below;


 1. You can change content and descriptions around your activity. Ensure you save each change.

2. You can change the sessions times of your event, but you cannot change the days, you must also remember to communicate any changes to your customers asap.

3. If you change the time of your sessions,  those changes will show at a glance that they have been modified (as shown above), all modified days are different to the rest. Should you make a further change from the top-level, ie session times overall, these would normally be applied to all days however your modified entries will NOT change as they were manually changed.(remember to change these again manually if they are to differ further)

How can I edit when bookings have been made?

When bookings have been made you can edit the activity content and times but no other aspects.

 What if Customers have already paid?

If you need to change pricing where bookings exist, currently you are not able to. In this instance, you will need to raise a credit note, or make a manual adjustment to the invoice and offer a discount or credit. and notify Enrolmy of changes necessary.

 You now understand what can and cannot be edited within an activity once running!