1. You are wanting to activate the Enrolmy OSCAR Reconciliation Process for your before and after school care or holiday programme

This document assumes you know the following:

  • You are receiving, or about to receive a WINZ statement/s for your programmes

  • If using Xero, you have already set up your WINZ Xero Codes

How to Setup the Enrolmy Subsidies Reconciliation Process for your Activities

  1. Xero users should create WINZ codes within Xero.

2. Navigate to your BASC or HP activity and edit the activity. 

3. Scroll to the invoice settings on the form and select 'show advanced options'

4. You should set your invoice detail to itemise each session by date on your invoices

5. Navigate to the 'Subsidy Settings' section and switch the toggle onto 'yes'

6. Select 'Yes' to use the Enrolmy Reconciliation Process

7. If using Xero, assign your Subsidy Account Code for this venue by selecting the drop-down field and choosing your Xero Code for Subsidies.

Awesome! You are now ready to start managing OSCAR Payments in Enrolmy.