1. You want to cancel a full class/session the fastest way.

  2. You want to mark absences in bulk.

This document assumes the following:

  • You have an activity set up and it is currently running.

  • You understand how attendance reconciliation processes operate.

  • You understand how pending adjustments work.

How To Mark Absences in Bulk

  1. Head to the specific activity you want to mark absentees

  2. Select the Attendance

  3. Head to the relevant day

  4. Mark all as absent (no charge) or mark all as absent (charged)

Please see below for more information:

You can make absences in bulk for the below activity types:

  • Before & Afterschool Care activity type

  • Holiday Programme activity type

  • Lessons & Classes activity type

Great! You now know how to mark absences in bulk!

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