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Minisite Settings


  1. You are setting up your Account with Enrolmy

  2. You want to enter or edit your customer-facing content on your Enrolmy Minisite

This document assumes the following:

  • You have images and logos associated with your business

  • You have relevant text descriptions of what you do

What is the Minisite  

  • Enrolmy provides every organisation with its own "Minisite". This is your own space on Enrolmy where your customers can begin each booking journey.

  • We suggest that you select exciting feature images and write detailed descriptions to help make your minisite attractive and inviting.

Here's an example of a Minisite on Enrolmy:

Accessing the Minisite Settings

  1. Click + tab and navigate to Settings

  2. Select Minisite Settings 

Our Minisite Checklist will let you know how much information on your Minisite you have completed.
To continue completing, click "Let's do it!"

Contents of Minisite

Name, Contact Details, and the URL

They will appear on the top of your Minisite below the Header

View from the published Minisite:


Select up to three categories that best represent the types of activities you run. Your Minisite will be searchable by the activity types you choose on Enrolmy Marketplace:

View from Enrolmy Marketplace:

Minisite Header

Make your Minisite look attractive by uploading your logo and a featured image. These will appear at the top of your Minisite as shown in the preview. For best results, resize your images prior if necessary to 1080 x 608 pixels. Please see the Name, Contact Details and the URL section above for the display on published Minisite.

Activity Listing

Choose how you would like your activities to be viewed on your Minisite:


  • Large Tiles with Images

  • List View with Images

  • Compact View without Images

View from the published Minisite:

Large Tiles With Images

List View With Images

Compact List View Without Images


  • By starting date and time

  • By activity name

Search Filters

  • Venues

  • Days of the Week

  • Age Range

  • Suburb Search

Search filters on published minisite:

Choose Search Filters to be Displayed:


Tell the world about what you do! What you write here will appear in the About Us section of your minisite.

View from the published Minisite:

Featured Sidebar

Add catchy, quirky and audacious descriptions of your activities to the side of your main page. Feature Title #1 and #2 will be the titles for these descriptions.

View from the published Minisite:

Social Media

Enter the URLs for your business's Facebook information and other social media pages:

View from the published Minisite:

Physical Address

Enter the address for your business. You can choose to enter a different postal address here if necessary - using the tick box at the bottom of the section.

View from the published Minisite:


Use the YES/NO button to select whether you want your site to show up when customers search on Enrolmy.

View from Enrolmy Marketplace:

Click the orange Save Changes button at the bottom right of the page to ensure all your Minisite settings are saved correctly:

Congratulations! You now know how to complete your Minisite Settings!

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