How To Prepare Your Xero Account Prior To Integrate with Enrolmy 

1. Prior to integrating your Enrolmy Account with Xero, ensure that your Xero Organisation has already shifted to a paid plan.


2. Ensure that the Head Administrator over Enrolmy has an advisor or standard user access level within your Xero Organisation Settings.

  • If you are not able to go through with integrating your Enrolmy account with Xero, it is likely because you do not have an advisor or standard user access level inside your Xero Organisation. You will need your Xero Accountant, or Organisation Administrator to grant you the highest level of access in Xero to continue with the Integration. If this is not an option for you, then your Accountant or Head Administrator should be added to Enrolmy as an Office Admin user via the Manage Staff section in your Settings, to set up and finalise the Xero integration.


3. Tidy up all outstanding balances inside your Xero Account.

  • Understand that when Enrolmy syncs with Xero, your Enrolmy contact/s will override the same contact in Xero. This may impact any customer accounts that have outstanding balances. Hence why we recommend that before integrating EMY and XERO. That your accounts are tidied up

  • If you need to bring over customer balances into Enrolmy then...

    • a. Have your customer re-book into Enrolmy.

    • b. Raise an opening invoice/credit note in Enrolmy with their outstanding or credited balance.

    • c. Sync with Enrolmy to bring the balances over with the new Enrolmy > Xero contact.

How To Prepare Your Enrolmy Account Prior To Integrate with Xero

1. Set up and finalise your activity categories

2. Setup and finalise your sessions and pricing


Awesome! You are ready to begin your Xero Integration!