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Provider View Of Payment Installments


  1. You want to identify which invoices will be paid off through an installment method

  2. You want to know where you can view payment installments within Enrolmy.

This document assumes the following:

  • You have set up a holiday programme, class and lesson or camp activity that allows parents to pay through a payment installment plan.

  • The activity credit card only

Where to View Payment Installments

Once a customer has opted to pay through the installment method, there are two areas where you can view this:

  1. Within Money;

    1. There will be blue circle icons next to an invoice throughout the Money tab which identify that this invoice will paid off in installments.

    2. The circles represent the number of payments that have been agreed to.

    3. When payments are made, the circles will turn blue, making it easy to see the number of completed payments.

Capture 2024-01-30 at 13.03.09.png
  1. On the bottom of invoices with an installment payment method;

Details of the installment arrangement can be found at the bottom of the invoice and note information such as;

  • The date each payment is due

  • The amount that is due for each payment date


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