• You are setting up your Before and After School Care Activity

  • You offer different pricing for different types of bookings

  • You want to know how Enrolmy manages Recurring Bookings and Casual Bookings

This document assumes the following:

  • You are familiar with navigating around Enrolmy.

  • You know how to start setting up an Activity.

Recurring and Casual Bookings

Recurring/Regular booking - Sessions selected in one week will repeat for the following weeks.

I.e if the parent selected a Monday 4 pm session, they would be booked in for every Monday 4 pm session that the activity offers (time ranges can be used if necessary).

Casual Booking - Each session must be booked individually - one-off sessions.

  • Please note:  You can offer different rates/pricing for your Recurring Bookings and your Casual Bookings.

Details about the parent's booking experience:
  • Parent will be presented with two booking calendars.  One is for "Recurring or Regular Booking" the other is for a "Casual Booking". 

  • It is possible for parents to create a mix of recurring and casual bookings for the same activity.

    • If parents select a session using the "Recurring or Regular Booking" calendar then that session will repeat week after week.

  • Parents have an option to choose the dates when their recurring booking will begin and end.  

  • Any sessions selected using the "Recurring or Regular Booking" calendar will be charged at your Regular/Recurring rate. 

  • Any sessions that are selected using the "Casual Booking" calendar which DO NOT MATCH an already selected regular session will be charged at your Casual rate.

  • If a customer makes a recurring booking and certain days they require are full, it will force the customer to revert to the casual booking calendar with associated rates to complete their booking.  They will receive a notification as below.



When the Before and After School Care Activity is running you will see your daily lists in the Attendance Tab. Here you can see who your regular and casual attendees are by the Green (R) - regular and the Blue (C) - casual next to their session.

Congratulations! You now know the difference between Recurring and Casual Bookings.