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Time Sheet Reports Dashboard Explained


  1. You want to understand the Timesheet Reports dashboard within the Roster

The Purpose of the Roster Time Sheet Report

The Timesheet Report area within the Roster enables you to;

  • Access each individual timesheet that your staff are rostered on for.

  • Review, correct and approve staff clock-in and clock-out times for each day within an activity.

  • Export approved timesheets for payroll

Time Sheet Report Dashboard Features




Access the timesheet for this date


See the total number of staff that were rostered for this date.


See the total number of shifts that were rostered for this date. Staff and Shifts may have different numbers. For example; 1 staff member may have worked multiple shifts on one day. In this scenario; the same staff member worked a morning shift at before-school club and then an afternoon shift at after-school care.

Total Hours - Rostered

The total number of hours that were initially scheduled for this day by administration staff.

Total Hours - Actual

The total number of hours that staff worked, based on the time between when staff clocked in and out on that day.


Conflicts visually let you know if the clock in/clock out times of staff meet your shift tolerance settings. For example: Within the Roster settings your administrators may setup your shift tolerance to 15 minutes. The rosterted shift for a day may be scheduled to start at 10:00am. If the actual clocked-in time of a staff member is within 15 minutes from the start time, that would not display as a conflict. However if the shift clock-in time was 09:44am or 10:20am, then that would be highlighted as a conflict.

Conflicts - Total

The total number of shifts that have conflicting clock in or clock out times which clash with your shift tolerance settings.

Conflicts - Unresolved

The total number of conflicts that have not been reviewed, remedied and approved by an administrator.

Conflicts - Resolved

The total number of conflicts that have been reconciled and approved by an administrator.


This column allow you to quickly identify if this day has been approved yet with the labels

  • Finalized

  • and Incomplete

Great! You now understand the time sheet report!

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