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Securing Places For Your Loyal Customers In A New Activity


  1. You would like to secure bookable places for loyal customers in a new activity

This document assumes the following:

  • You have an active Enrolmy account

  • You have set up your Activities on your account

  • You know how to Invite Customers to Book

Securing Places for Your Loyal Customers in a New Activity

To give loyal customers a chance to secure their places first, the activity could be Unpublished (so not searchable by the general public) and an Invite to Book email sent exclusively to those customers. Then after a period of time, the activity could be Published and bookings opened to the wider public.

The recommended and the most effective way to take bookings with Enrolmy is by asking parents to do it themselves. One of the methods you can utilise is inviting your customers to book into specific activities.

Optionally, as an incentive to these loyal customers, an Earlybird booking discount could be given to encourage them to book early.

Congratulations! You now know how to secure places to your Loyal Customers!

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