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Target vs Actual Bookings Report


  1. You would like to understand how the Target vs Actual Bookings Report works

This document assumes the following:

  • You have an Office Admin/Support user-level access on your Enrolmy instance.

  • You have run/are running activities for at least one of your Enrolmy instances.

What is the Target vs Actual Bookings Report?

This report utilises the category booking targets settings, and displays target booking numbers versus actual booking numbers

In this report, you will see information on:

  • Unique Attendees

  • Average Sessions per Week

  • Full Weekers

  • Attended

  • Total Registered

  • Charged Sessions

  • Target Bookings

  • Different to Target

  • Booked to Target (%)

  • Maximum Available Places

  • Unused Capacity (%)

  • Booked Capacity (%)

  • Hours Attended

Accessing the Target vs Actual Bookings Report

To access the report:

  1. Log in to your Enrolmy Account

  2. Head over to the Insights tab and select Target vs Actual Bookings

  3. Use the filters as needed

  4. Click Search

Awesome! You now understand the new Target vs Actual Bookings Report!

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