1. You want to view who has purchased the additional items

This document assumes the following:

  • You know how to create a Team Sports activity

  • You understand how you will financially track this sale

Additional Items for Team Sports Activity

When creating your activity, you will have entered separate details for the fee, and for any additional items, you are selling.

To see the additional item purchases for the associated Activity:

  1. Go to the Additional Items tab

  2. Move down to the additional item you're looking for.

  3. On the right-hand side of the row, click on the down arrow.

  4. Click on the blue text beginning with IN- under the Invoice column to view the invoice for this purchase. 

To edit an order:

  1. Click on the action cog on the right side of the row.

  2. Select Edit order

  3. Make the necessary changes to the customer's order. This could be:

    • Removing an item from the purchase.

    • Adding an additional item to the purchase.

    • Changing the quantity of purchase of an item.

If the first invoice has not yet been paid, then click the orange Save & re-invoice button.

  • This will generate a new invoice with the changes made, and send it to the customer.

If the customer has already paid the first invoice, click the orange Save & create the pending adjustments button.

  • This will make note of the monetary adjustments which you can later turn into an invoice or a credit note accordingly.

Awesome! You can now track your additional items!

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