1. A student has began attending in one activity and you then want to move them to another activity

  2. A students is booked into one activity and before it has began you want to shift them into another activity

This document assumes you know the following:

  • How children are placed into different activities in the first place

  • How invoices are generated for, and tied to, activities

  • What Credit Notes are and how they are used in accounting

Step 1

  1. Select the Activity from the activities section.

  2. Click on the Booked In tab 
    - You will then see the list of students booked into that activity.
    - Find the student you want to move.

  3. Click on the COG on the right-hand side of the line associated with that student.

  4. Select Move to another activity (on the popup)

Step 2a 

  1. Check you are working with the right person from the right activity.

  2. Select the last day they will attend that activity.

  3. Select the Venue and Activity you want to move them to. 

Step 2b

  1. Select the last day the student will attend the current activity
    - Enrolmy highlights in GREEN the lessons attended at the current activity
    - Enrolmy highlights in YELLOW (and selects) the lessons from the current activity to be credited.

  2. Select the first day the student will attend the new activity.
    - Enrolmy highlights in RED the lessons not attended at the new activity.
    - Enrolmy highlights in GREEN (and selects) the lessons at the new activity to be booked.

  3. Select if you want to invoice for the New Activity.

Step2c (Review the Financial Changes)

  1. Choose if you want to void or keep the original invoice
    - If there is already a payment against that invoice this option won't be available.

  2. Review and understand the financial transactions as part of the transfer.
    - A credit note will be created for the value of the unattended sessions in the activity you are shifting from
    - An invoice will be made for the value of the lessons the attendee will attend in the new activity
    - The Credit Note (from the old activity) will be applied to the Invoice (from the new activity).
    - Any balance will be identified (either the balance of the invoice the customer needs to pay, or the balance of the Credit Note that can be applied against another invoice or refunded).

  3. Select if you want to send a confirmation of the new booking to the customer.

  4. Click Move Attendee.

Step 3

You receive a success notification that the following has happened

Cool! You now know how to transfer lessons!