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Understanding WINZ Colour Codes


  1. You want to understand what the different WINZ colours represent

  2. You want to know where you can see these WINZ bubbles

  3. You want to add a WINZ bubble against a family

This document assumes you know the following:

  • You are an OSCAR Provider

  • You are using the Enrolmy Subsidy Reconciliation Process

  • You know how to upload a WINZ Statement within Enrolmy

  • You understand how to reconcile subsidies

Understand the WINZ Colour Codes

Families that receive subsidies will have a WINZ bubble against their names. The colour of the bubble represents

WINZ Bubble Colour


The caregiver is applying for subsidy from Work and Income

Subsidy application has been submitted to Work and Income

The attendee has been granted subsidy

The attendee’s subsidy is due to expire soon (action is required)

Attendee is not applying for WINZ

Where Are The WINZ Bubbles Found

WINZ bubbles can be found in the following areas within Enrolmy:



  • All attendess

  • Incomplete Enrolment

  • Bookings

  • Invoicing


How To Add WINZ Bubbles

WINZ bubbles are automatically applied against a family if the below statement is agreed to upon booking by a caregiver:

A provider can initiate a WINZ bubble against a family by selecting the below:

A provider can change the WINZ bubble colour within the Customers Tab:

Providers can manually change Orange and Grey colors if they edit child’s booking or within the Customers tab. Green and red will update automatically from the WINZ reconciliation section.

 Great! You now understand more about WINZ Bubbles within Enrolmy! 

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