1. You are using the Enrolmy Subsidy Reconciliation Process

  2. You want to understand and utilise the subsidies sections in Enrolmy

This document assumes you know the following:

  • You know the general layout of Enrolmy

  • You understand the data that is displayed on your organisation's weekly WINZ statements

Understanding the Subsidy Sections in Enrolmy

There are two areas in Enrolmy where you can manage your subsidies. 

  1. Individually within your BASC/HP activities.

2. Or within the WINZ Statment Section.

Within your BASC/HP Activities

The Subsidy Overview Page

The Subsidy Overview Page displays a week by week overview of your subsidies for that activity.


1. Filter specific dates or toggle the view by term.

2. You will also be able to view the term's summary of...

  • Booked Hours

  • Attended Hours

  • Charged Hours

  • Arrears Totals

  • Regular Totals

  • Total

  • Difference (WINZ Overpayments)

3. The different status definitions will let you know whether or not you have any further steps left to finish off the Subsidy Reconciliation Process for a specific week.

  • Unreconciled - You have not begun or saved the subsidy reconciliation process for this week

  • Completed - You have saved and finalized your subsidy reconciliation for this week.

  • Partial - You have an unreconciled WINZ Arrears Payment on this week.

The Weekly Subsidies Detail Page

The Subsidy Detail Page allows you to upload your WINZ statement for the week, and then make manual WINZ payment changes if necessary. 


1. Easily navigate to other week's if necessary.

 2. You can upload the WINZ statement for the week, within the subsidy details page of your activity. You will need to know...

  •  The venue at which your activity is running at

  • The Location SWN number for that venue

And you will need to have...

  • Downloaded the WINZ Statement as a PDF that WINZ emailed directly to you

3. This will lead you to confirm matches for the WINZ Statement data to real customers and activities inside your Enrolmy Account. Enrolmy will suggest appropriate attendee and activity matches, your customers just need to have previously booked into your programmes using Enrolmy for the suggested match to work! On this page, you can toggle the following

  • Change the suggested match to a different child in your Enrolmy system

  • Change the suggested activity match to a different activity that you are running or ran.

You will also be able to see

  • If a WINZ payment is a regular or an arrears payment

  • Attendee Last Name

  • Attendee First name

  • Caregiver Last Name

  • Caregiver First Name

  • The attendee's SWN Number

  • Their week's Attended Hours

  • The attendee's Renewal date

4. When saving and finalizing the WINZ Statement matches for the week, you will be given the opportunity to make further manual changes relating to your week's subsidy reconciliation.

  • Attendee First Name

  • Attendee Last Name

  • Booked Hours

  • Charged Hours

  • Subsidy Rate

  • Switcher will then give a Subsidy End date

  • Capped Hours (WINZ Cap)

  • WINZ Hourly Rate

  • Hours WINZ is paying

  • Total WINZ payment for the week.

  • Difference (any OSCAR Overpayment from WINZ)


Understand the WINZ Colour Codes

Families that receive subsidies will have a WINZ sticker against their names in the Activities All Attendees tab. After reconciling subsidies for the week inside the activity, the WINZ bubble colour/status should remain unchanged if the child does not receive a subsidy on the statement for that week.

The colour of the sticker represents the following;

  • Green - Child has subsidy

If the child does receive a subsidy (or HAS received a subsidy on a previous week) then their tag will automatically dispay as green.

  • Orange - Subsidy application has been submitted to Work and Income or has been approved

  • Grey - the parent is applying for subsidy from Work and Income

  • Red - the child's subsidy is due to expire soon (action is required)

Providers can manually change Orange and Grey colors if they Edit Child’s Booking. Green and Red will update automatically from the WINZ reconciliation section.

 Great! You now understand more about subsidies within Enrolmy!