• You want to understand WINZ payments that you get in arrears

  • You want to understand how to manage WINZ credit Notes for Arrears payments

This document assumes the following:

  • You understand the WINZ reconciliation process within Enrolmy

Sometimes, WINZ works in mysterious ways and it is common for WINZ Payments to be paid out irregularly. Some weeks, you will receive a payment for an attendee that is intended to cover a date period that is long gone. Arrears payments are usually identified in two ways on the WINZ Statement:

1. An Arrears payment with a specified date range

2. An arrears payment with an unspecified date range

The Enrolmy Reconciliation Process handles these arrears payments in different ways.

Reconciling an Arrears payment with a specified date range

1. Arrears payments will be revealed on the week that the WINZ Statement specified - even if the WINZ Statement was originally uploaded into a different week.

2. To identify the week that the arrears payment appeared on, that week will show as a partially reconciled status on the subsidy overview page. Clicking into the week and saving and finalizing the form, will generate a WINZ Credit Note for the arrears payment

Reconciling an Arrears payment with an unspecified date range

If the WINZ Statement does not specify a date range for the arrears payment, then the arrears payment will display on the week that the WINZ Statement is uploaded against. A WINZ Credit Note will be created for the arrears payment when the subsidy reconciliation is saved and finalized for that week. 


You will complete the WINZ reconciliation process as per usual whether you have regular payments or arrears payments. You will need to double-check that you are assigning the arrears WINZ payments to the correct activity. Once you have done so, you will see a page confirming the regular WINZ payments as well as arrears WINZ payments

How to Manage WINZ Credit Notes for Arrears Payments?

These will not be automatically applied to any current invoices that have just been generated and will need to be applied manually. This allows you to select which outstanding invoice you would like to apply these to.

  • Head to the Money tab

  • Select Credit notes

  • The arrears WINZ credit note will appear under current credit notes

  • Select one or multiple and select Allocate to invoice

  • A pop up will appear where you can choose which outstanding invoice you would like to apply for the credit

Awesome! You now understand how to reconcile WINZ payments received in arrears!