• You want customers (parents) to upload medical action plans if needed

This document assumes the following:

  • You require Safety Form completion within your Activity Setup

Guide Overview:

  1. How to enable the ability to upload medical information

  2. How customers can upload their medical information

  3. How providers can view the uploaded medical information

  4. How onsite staff can view the uploaded medical information

How to Enable The Ability To Upload Medical Information Using the Safety Form

In order for the functionality to be enabled:

  1. Please head to + Settings-> Safety FormStudent’s Health Details

  2. Please select Yes if you would like customers to be able to upload medical information

How Customers Can Upload Their Medical Information

  1. A customer can upload a medical document within the safety form by heading into the child’s health details

  2. Selecting Yes for known allergies

  3. Completing the relevant information requested and uploading a medical document by selecting +Upload files

  4. The customer can delete this medical document by selecting the red bin:

How Providers Can View The Uploaded Medical Information

  1. Please head to CustomersAccountAllergies

  2. You can download the medical information that has been uploaded

How Onsite Staff Can View The Uploaded Medical Information

  1. Log in to the Mobile app using your credentials

  2. Please head to the relevant acitivtyInfo TabAllergies

  3. Here you will be able to see the written description of the allergy

Please note that the uploaded medical document cannot be viewed on the mobile app and will need to be downloaded and printed for onsite staff.

Great! You now know a bit more about uploading medical information!

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