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Using the Team Sorter In Team Sports


  1. You are running a Team Sports Activity Type

  2. You want to sort your attendees into teams

This document assumes you know the following:

How To Add Teams Within Your Activity

Once a customer has completed the registration, you can now start creating your team(s).

  1. Head into your Team Sports activity.

  2. Select All Teams

  3. Choose Add Team

  4. A popup will appear where you can upload a team logo and enter your team’s name

How To Add Attendees To Your Teams

  1. Select the action cog next to the attendee's name

  2. Choose move to team

  3. Select the team that you are wanting to move this attendee to

How To Configure Your Team

Assign staff or caregivers as Coaches, Team Managers or Sports Coordinators

You can assign your own staff or caregivers as Managers, Coaches or Sports Coordinators by:

  1. Selecting the action cog next to the team name

  2. Choosing Add Team Manager

  3. Search for the particular individual’s name and choose their position

  • Team Managers, Coaches or Sports Coordinators show at the top of the team list

Placeholder Players

You can add a placeholder player that can be used to fill a space in the team or if a player needs to be listed in multiple teams:

  1. Select the action cog next to the team name

  2. Add placeholder player

  3. Complete the details of the placeholder

Note: This placeholder does not need to be part of your customer CRM

Waiting List Players

Attendees can be placed on the waiting list due to:

  • Maximum cap reached within the Sports Team activity

  • You can move an active attendee to the waiting list if needed

You can move an attendee off the waiting list by:

  1. Selecting the Waiting List tab

  2. Select the action cog next to the attendee’s name

  3. Move to booked in

Confirm And Invoice Teams

Once you are happy with your team placements, you can confirm and invoice the attendees by:

  1. Selecting the action cog next to the team name

  2. Choose confirm and invoice

  3. This will result in draft invoices upon which you can approve and email to the caregivers

Congratulations! You now know how to use the Team Sorter!

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