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Virtual Listing Activity Q&A


  1. You have questions about the Virtual Activity Type

This document assumes the following:

  • You are running your programmes virtually on Enrolmy

Online Activity Related Questions



If you run a term-long activity, do you have to add a pricing item for each date?

With this online activity type, yes - the reason being that each week, or each date; you will need to create a separate zoom meeting link. Therefore you will need to create a class session for each week/date to set the zoom meeting link against.

Can you charge for a whole term of fees or only by lesson?

You can currently charge per lesson. 

With online activities, can they only be paid with credit/debit card?

Yes. This activity is automatically switched on to only receive customers' payments by credit/debit card. Please ensure your credit card Stripe application has been submitted and that you are aware of how the transactions fees work.

Can credit notes sitting in the system be automatically applied against a customer's invoice with the credit/debit card only payment option?

As credit card only activities are paid upfront, there will not be an outstanding invoice for providers to apply credit notes to. However, you can apply the credit to the customer as a direct discount. This would enable the customer's credit to display to them as they make their booking. Discounting their total price for the session/s that they book for, prior to them paying. 

Will Enrolmy offer other payment options for the online listing activity type?

No. However the new platform we are developing offers alternative payment methods for customers.

How do we manage refunds with credit card only activities?

Please see this help guide here on how to manage credit card refunds to customers

What does Enrolmy recommend we input into our terms and conditions around credit/debit card payments and refunds?

Enrolmy providers should manage their organisation's terms and conditions according to their own lawyer's advice. 

Can I use the online activity for those out of school/older than school-age children?

Yes, you can select any age for the attendees. If you have selected children, you can select the age range, up to 25 years old.

Zoom/Web Conferencing Related Questions



Is there a way that I connect my other activity types to zoom?

The 'online activity' type is specifically set up to accommodate for web conferencing meeting links. The other activity types are not. Therefore, sending out the meeting links as a bulk email every week, will be the way to contact customers with the web conferencing information. 

Will the staff member in the activity type, then be set as the host on zoom too?

No, you will need to create your staff members as alternative hosts in zoom. See how to do that below:

Can I use my own personal Zoom account? Or do I need to set up another one to use with my Enrolmy account?

Yes, using your personal zoom account will work with Enrolmy. Although we advise to set one up under your business email address. 

Will I need to create a Zoom account for each of my staff members?

You will need to create a Zoom account for every staff member that you are wanting to set up to host  or be an alternative host for a Zoom meeting.

 Awesome! Now you now just a little bit more about a Virtual Listing Activity!

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