• You want to understand how the Xero and Enrolmy integration works

  • You want to find out why applied prepayments are not displaying inside your Enrolmy account on invoices

  • You want to troubleshoot some balance discrepancies you are seeing inside Enrolmy and Xero

This document assumes the following:

  • You understand basic accounting principles

  • You are a proficient user of Xero

  • You understand how to apply payments against invoices inside Xero.

Xero Payment Types & Enrolmy Integration

The Enrolmy and Xero Integration enables your Enrolmy-generated invoices and Credit Notes to automatically send to Xero. Every time you reconcile within Xero and then complete a Xero Sync, your Enrolmy invoices will update with applied payments. There are certain types of payments that can be recognised through the Xero Sync, and other types of payments that are not acknowledged in the integration.

Important note:

Invoices and Credit Notes created in Xero will not flow through to Enrolmy.

Recognised Xero Payments

If you reconcile an invoice inside Xero with the three payment types identified below, then these will successfully update the invoice status inside Enrolmy accordingly. 

  • Overpayments

  • Direct payments

  • Credit Notes

 Unrecognised Xero Payments

If you reconcile an invoice inside Xero with the payment type identified below, then these invoices will not update the invoice status inside Enrolmy accordingly. You will see that the invoice inside Xero has been paid or part-paid, and the invoice inside Enrolmy will have no payments applied.

  • Prepayments


How to Reconcile With Un-recognised Xero Payments

To ensure that your revenue recognition report is accurate, we advise that you convert the prepayment into an overpayment process.

 Great! You know understand what Xero payment types work in Enrolmy!