1. Your organisation uses Xero Accounting Software

  2. You are an approved OSCAR provider

  3. You are wanting to use the Enrolmy Subsidy Reconciliation Process

  4. You have one OSCAR approved site

  5. You have multiple OSCAR approved sites

This document assumes you know the following:

  • You understand basic accounting principles and how to navigate Xero Accounting Software

  • You understand the general layout of Enrolmy

  • You have created WINZ Suspense account codes for every venue that you have


  • Enrolmy automatically creates an account called EMY-WINZ - Enrolmy WINZ Payment Account. This should be used for single OSCAR-approved sites only. 

  • If you run programmes at multiple venues, then you will need to create a WINZ Suspense account code for each venue.

Single OSCAR Approved Site

How to Set Your WINZ Account Code in Enrolmy within your organisation settings.

1. Login to Enrolmy and navigate to the Organisation's Settings > Xero Integration section. 

2. Select 'Update Chart of Accounts' and then 'Save'

4. Scroll to the WINZ Payment invoice line item on your Chart of Accounts in Enrolmy

5. Select the EMY-WINZ - Enrolmy WINZ Payment Account 


6. Save your Chart of Accounts

Multiple OSCAR Approved Sites

Within your OSCAR activity.

1.  Now navigate to your activities tab.

2. Edit the settings of your OSCAR activity and scroll to the Subsidy section on the activity form

3. Activate the subsidies on the activity form and select the WINZ Xero Account Code that matches the venue of your activity.

3. Save the form!

4. Repeat this process for every OSCAR venue that you have. 

Congratulations! You're almost ready to reconcile your WINZ subsidies!