Mobile App: Enrolment Form Quick-View

  1. You want to know how to view enrolment form information on the mobile app
  2. You want to know how to call, text or email primary/emergency contacts
  3. You want to know how to take profile photos of programme attendees
This document assumes the following.
  • You have already created a staff login 

  • You have already downloaded the Enrolmy for Providers Mobile Application

Within the All Attendees tab on the Enrolmy for Providers mobile app, providers are able to quick-view important enrolment information about each child booked into the activity. 

  • The All Attendees list will be in order of family name A-Z
  • Children can be booked in for any day of the activity to appear in this list.
  • This is not the sign in/sign out list for the day.

Quick-view Components Overview

  • Childs full name
  • The ability for staff to take a photo
  • Primary contact/guardian details
    • Email address
    • Phone number
  • Emergency contacts
  • Medical/ health information


How To Access Enrolment Quick-View

1. Swipe left on attendee's name to view their profile information.




How To Take Attendee Photos

  1. Click on the attendee name and quick-view if the parent has given you photo permissions.
  2. If so, then select the camera icon and follow the prompts to take the photo


How To Contact Guardians/Emergency Contacts

  1.  Press and hold on a childs name to reveal a menu with contact options.  
    1. The options are to phone parent
    2. Text parent
    3. Open parent contact
    4. Or open contact.

Or 2. Swipe left on a child's name

a. Long tap on the primary contact/guardian, or emergency contact phone number to text or call

Or 3. Swipe left on a child's name and long tap on the primary  contact/guardian, or emergency contact's  email address to email  


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