Mobile App: How Staff Use Roll Calls

  1. You want to know how to utilise the roll call feature
  2. You want to know how roll calls can work for your offsite trips
This document assumes the following.
  • You have signed children into the day already
  • You have already created a staff login 

  • You have already downloaded the Enrolmy for Providers Mobile Application

The Roll Calls feature on the Enrolmy for Providers Mobile App is helpful to staff to have an automated list of all kids signed in for the session to mark children as present or not present. This feature is especially helpful on trip days. 

  • All roll calls will be lodged and tracked against the attendance for the day on the desktop version of the activity. 

Roll Call Component Overview

  • Creating custom roll calls
  • Timestamps of the roll call
  • Ability to mark a child present or not present
  • Ability to leave not present notes


How To Create A Roll Call

  1. Select the Roll Call's option from the bottom menu
  2. Then select 'Create a New Roll Call'
  3. Choose a pre-loaded roll call or create a new one by selecting Custom Entry
  4. Select Continue in the top right-hand corner
  5. Choose your session/s that you wish to create a roll call within and continue
  6. All child/ren booked into the selected session will show on your roll call list, you can also add any extra child/ren to this list if need be; using the add attendee button.
  7. From the 'Not Present; list, you can swipe right to mark the child/ren as present
  8. Select 'Done' to save the list.





How To Run A Roll Call Again

You may need to run the same roll call again. To do so is simple, 

  1. Tap the Roll Call tab.  
  2. You should see your previously run roll call under the list of "Completed" roll calls.  
  3. Tap this roll call and you will be taken to the roll call summary screen, at the top of this screen you will see the "Re-run this roll call" option.
  4. When you tap "Re-run this roll call" an exact copy of the original roll call you created earlier in the day will be created, with the same name, same filters, but all children will again be marked as "Not present".  
  5. You can then begin your roll call again by swiping children in as "Present".



How To Track Roll Calls

All Roll Calls lodged in the Enrolmy for Providers Mobile Application will be lodged and found within the Attendance tab in your Enrolmy Desktop App.  There you will be able to clearly see...

  • When each roll call was taken,
  • Who took the Roll Call
  • And the total number of children Present and Not Present.
  • It is also possible to view a full list of all attendees and the reasons why "Not present" attendees were marked as absent.

1. Head to the days attendance within the activity on the desktop

2. Select the timestamp of the roll call

3. Review the roll call information



Roll Call FAQ:

 Q: What if a child's name is not on the list?

Only children that have been signed-in for the day can be added to a roll call. If they do not appear on the list it means they were marked absent, or not added to the signed in list prior.


Q: What if a child remains as 'Not Present'

You need to provide a reason for why the child is absent before you can continue. You'll be prompted to do this on the roll call summary screen.

  1. Simply enter the reason why the child is absent
  2. Tap the tick (Android) or "Done" (iOS) in the top right corner of the scree
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