Mobile App: How to Quick Book

The Quick Book feature within the Enrolmy for Providers Mobile App allows onsite staff to add a child to the Enrolmy CRM, ask a parent to complete their enrolment form via email, and book the child into attendance for the day. This feature is for adding children that have never booked into one of your programmes before. 


Quick Book Components

  • Required parent details
  • Required child details
  • Email workflow to parents
  • How to add a child to the attendance after a quick book on the mobile app.


How To Quick Book On Mobile App

1. Select Menu from the bottom panel and then click Quick Book. 


2. Input the parent details of the child; Parent first name and last name are required. Parent mobile number can be completed at a later date if unknown.


3. Input the child detail;  Child first name, last name and activity to book into are required. Child birth date can be added by the parent at a later date. 

4. Select Save and invite to book now.


Now the child will be added to your Enrolmy CRM!


Parent Email Workflow

You have quick-booked the parent and child into your CRM via the mobile app. They are currently placeholder accounts. Enrolmy will send the parent an email asking them to join and complete their child's enrolment form. 



How To Book A Child Into The Day

Adding the child to the CRM does not automatically book them into attendance for the day. On the mobile app, you will need to add this child into the day and sign them into the session. 

1. Select the Sign In/Out Tab on the mobile app

2. Click Add Attendee and search for the child's name

3. Swipe the child right to sign them in.





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