Activity Discounts & How They Apply

  1. You want to see the different discounts you can apply through Enrolmy.
  2. You want to know how the discounts apply to families.

This document assumes the following.

  • You have an Enrolmy Account.

3 Activity Discount Options

Early Bird Discount

 This discount is applied when bookings are made on or before the day you select from the calendar display as shown when setting up your activity


Multiple Bookings Discount

For a family booking multiple children into any activities you run. 


Multiple Bookings In Activity Discount

For a family booking multiply children into this particular Activity.



How Activity Discounts Apply


A provider sets up an activity with a 10% Multiple Bookings Discount. Parent Amy books her two children into the activity. Parent Bob books his three children into the activity. The cost of the activity (assuming they're making the same bookings) is $100 per child usually, but in this case they both receive the discount.

  • Amy's discount: The first child does not have the discount applied to them. The second child will be discounted by 10%. So Amy will be charged the full $100 for her first child, and $100 - 10% = $90 for her second child. Amy will be charged $190 for her total booking, so the discount applied to the total booking is actually 5%.
  • Bob's discount: His first child will not be discounted. His second child will receive a 10% discount, and his third child will receive another 10% discount. So the first child's booking will cost $100, second $100-10%=$90, and the third child $100-10%=$90. Bob will be paying $380, so the whole booking effectively has a discount of 6.67%.


Where Can I See Activity Discounts Applied?

Please see our Discount FAQ's for further information. 

  • Activity Discounts will apply against the child's invoice. 
  • Activity discounts are not saved and tracked against the customers profile, like direct discounts do.


Congratulations! You now know how the Enrolmy Discounts work!


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  • How can I change the discount %? after displayed the notice



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