Adding and Removing Days

Adding and Removing Days

This help doc guides you through adding and removing days AFTER bookings have been taken


Adding / Removing Days After Bookings Have Been Taken


We know how frustrating it can be when you’ve taken the time to carefully set up an activity, ensuring everything is just-so, only to discover that certain details like dates and times were incorrect.


This becomes even more frustrating when your customers have beaten you to it and gone ahead and made a booking already!  There are good reasons why Enrolmy begins to lock things down once bookings have been taken.

But we are continually striving to loosen the ties that bind as much as we can.

That’s why we’re pleased to announce the ability to add Extra Days, and Remove days, to your activities after bookings have been taken on that activity.  

We trust that you’ll find this handy when certain circumstances surrounding an activity change unexpectedly and you need to add extra sessions.  One thing to remember though is that your customers will not be automatically booked into these Extra Days.


  • Enrolmy doesn’t presume to guess who should be booked into these days so it remains up to you to encourage your parents to modify their bookings,
  • or for you to use the tools Enrolmy provides to amend each booking yourself.  

We hope you enjoy this liberating new change!



More choice when adding attendees to your activity


If you run Lessons, Classes, or Sports Clinics then you’ll notice we’ve given you more options when adding an attendee into one of your activities. You’ve now got full control when creating a new booking with the ability to select one of the available booking options.

These options are:

  • Book into all session - a standard booking where the customer is booked into every session.
  • Pro-rata booking - a booking where the customer is booked in from the nearest session onwards.
  • Book one session - lets you book the customer into one day only.
  • Free trial booking (if free trials are enabled)
  • Waiting list booking


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