Incorrect Activity Set-Up

Incorrect Activity Set-Up

Setting up activities is a step by step process, here are some important things you need to know so its done correctly.

Setting up activities is a step by step process, here are some important things you need to know so its done correctly. Your on-line listing, and the day to day management of your students can be affected.

Important points to know


Once your activity is set-up and bookings have come in, the activity is locked down.  Therefore this prevents you doing certain things:

  • 1. Changing the session times and costs.
  • 2. Changing attendance cap on previously modified days
  • 3. Changing days etc....

It is therefore imperative to ensure all the details are correct and have been checked over by someone else before listing it live.

During the set-up, we have now added some warning messages to help alert you in about areas that may be incorrect.

Here are the messages you will see:

  • Setup for this activity is incomplete
  • This activity can not be published because important information is missing

To complete the setup of this activity you need to make sure you have:

  • Selected at least one session in the Session Times and Cost section
  • Ticked at least one active day in the Dates, Day Confirmation section
  • Selected a venue that is not archived

These prompts will help ensure you have captured the important, and base details of your activity, here are some examples.


If an activity was set up but no days and dates selected this is what you will see:


Set-Up of this activity is incomplete


Click on the blue writing to be taken to the incomplete set-up:


Set up for this activity is incomplete



Now you check why it is incomplete, again click on each blue wording link to check and complete each section, enter the missing details and save.  You will then see the below image showing it is complete and save, now click the blue writing to preview your listing:


Settings have been saved


Below the front end image a parent will see:


Front end parent view of activity


How to remove an incorrect Activity

Should you set up an activity incorrectly, or it not go ahead or create duplicates in error, here is how to archive those activities.

1. Firstly you are best to ensure its unpublished in the meantime of archiving, just in case you receive a booking.

2. To Remove, click the Edit Activity button on the top of the activity

3. Scroll to the bottom and toggle the button at the bottom to show it as public to off

User-added image

Once you have done this you can archive the activity

1. Go to the Activities Tab

2, Select the activity by adding a tick in the box

3. Select Archive as shown below.

Your activity will now be in Archived Activities found under the plus + tab

User-added image

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