Tagging Discounts to Parents or Students

  1. You wish to give a particular customer/customers a discount.
  2. You want the discount to apply to a specific activity type or to all bookings.
This document assumes the following.
  • You are clear about the discounts you offer and how they affect your business.

  • You understand the discounts offered when setting up an activity.

  • If syncing with Xero - You know how they flow through to Xero.

You can tag discounts to parents or children/students. These discount settings are separate from the Activity discounts which can be set up in the activity itself.

Adding discounts directly to parents or children is useful when you have a special arrangement/pricing for a specific family or individual.

Here is how to do this:

1. Select the Customers Tab.

2. Find your customer or child.

3. Click the cog to the far right of their name.

4. Select Edit.

5. Under Direct Discounts select:  "I want to set up a direct discount for this customer".

 Ensure you read the following:

Important note about discounts


6. Select which activity types this will apply to and the amount with description, then ADD.

The details have been added and will now apply to all bookings associated with your selection, please note this is in addition to any other activity discounts set on the same activity type that they are eligible for.  Discounts apply from all new invoices after the change.




Awesome! You now know how to tag discounts to parents or students. 


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