How to convert a free trial to a Full Booking

  • You have a customer who has booked a free trial.
  • They now want you to book them in for the rest of the activity.
This document assumes 
  • You have an existing Lessons and Classes activity set up on Enrolmy.

  • You have selected to allow Free Trials.
  • You have Free Trial bookings in your activity.

How to convert your free trial into a Full Booking

  • If you have not yet set up free trials for your Lessons and Classes activity and would like to do so, please click here.


1. Under the activity, select 'Booked in' Tab.

2. Click on the gear cog next to the customer you wish to covert.

3. Select Convert to Full Booking.




 4. You will then see a screen similar to the screenshots below.

  • Please check that the dates are correct for the free trials and normal sessions.
  • Ensure that you also check the prices for each session in the Total Fees section.

5. Click the orange Save button at the bottom right of the page. 

  • The button may say either Save & invoice or Save & create pending adjustments depending on your activity type.



User-added image



6.  You can now find the draft invoice in the Invoicing tab.

  • If you cannot see the Invoicing tab, it will appear if you click on the plus + tab



  • Should the customer not wish to continue after the trial passes, there is nothing further to do.


Congratulations! You now know how to convert your free trials into full bookings!

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