How to convert your free trial to a Full Booking

How to convert your free trial to a Full Booking

Here is how to transfer your free trials to full bookings or no longer continue further

How to manage the booking after the free trial

Once the customer has attended the free trial they are either going to continue with the remaining weeks or will decide its not for them or their child, here is how to manage the process of both these case scenarios.

Customer is to continue

You can after the trial upon the agreement of the customer convert the free trial booking into a " Full Booking" here is how

1. Under the activity, select 'Booked in' Tab

2. Click on the cog next to the customer you wish to covert

3. Select Convert to Full Booking

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You will then see the following screen to check all dates are correct, confirm then invoice

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The final step when the above has been confirmed is to locate your draft invoice, in the invoice tab of the activity as shown below, ready to send.

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Should the customer not wish to continue after the trial passes, there is nothing further to do.


NB Setting Choices

"Free Trial" --> the free trial is always free

"No Obligation Free Trial" --> the free trial is free, unless you choose to continue, in which case you will be charged for your free trial

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