Waiting Lists & Attendance

  1. You are running an Activity on Enrolmy for which you have enabled the waitlist function.
  2. You have bookings on a waitlist.
This document assumes the following.
  • You know how to set up your activity with the waitlist function switched on.

  • You know the business rhythm of the activity.

  • You have people on the waitlist you want to move into the activity.

Added Waiting List Features

  • When a parent is booking a lesson or sports activity and they are going to be placed on to a waiting list, this fact is made clear to them with various notifications as they book.
  • If a parent is making a booking into an activity, or session, with fewer places available than the number of kids they have selected then they are asked to: "modify their booking" or "select fewer kids". This helps to reduce the number of “overbooked” scenarios that may have occurred otherwise. 
  • From your view (as a provider) of Enrolmy, for lessons and sports activities a “Waiting since” column shows on the “Waiting List” tab. This shows the time a booking was made and is sort-able.



Activity’s “Attendance” tab

  • You can see as a user this when you expand a day (by clicking on the drop-down arrow). You can see exactly how many “Bookable places” exist for each session, and as you modify the cap for each session, this number will also change.




Moving people off the Wait List 

  • In the 'Waiting Since' section, you can click on the header for the names to be sorted from the longest waiting at the top first. This will assist you in making a fair selection before moving people off of the waiting list. 

To move people off the waiting list and on to the 'attending' list, click the 'Change to active booking' button on the right of the persons' name that you wish to move.



Awesome! You now know how to use waiting lists and edit attendance in your activities.


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  • Can you limit the number of tamariki allowed on your waitlist? Similar to how you can set the number of attendees. 


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