Quick Step Guide to Modifying a Booking

Quick Step Guide to Modifying a Booking

Modify a booking and create a pending adjustment.

Here is the flow to follow to keep you on track:


1. Locate the student in the bookings and click the cog next to their name to edit booking


This is an image of Activities tab, edit booking.


2. Remove the days you do not want anymore, and click save, create pending adjustments.


This is an image of customer booking details.


3. Go back to the activity and as below click the + to access the adjustments area, all pending adjustments relating to this activity live here.


This is an image of Activities, All Attendees, Adjustments.


4. Then you will see the pending adjustment for this change, and you can click to convert to credit note, you can then keep that credit note for future use against an invoice they will have and you can also approve and send it to them to keep for their records to

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