Cancelling a Customers Booking

Modifying or cancelling a customers booking.

You may need to modify a child/children/customer's booking on the behalf of the parents/attendee, because they have asked you to do so, here are some options, you can add or remove days for Before and After School Care, classes that require all to be selected cannot be modified, you can remove the attendee altogether and re book if needed or you can move them classes, there is a help doc for moving to another activity.

Here is how to Cancel, Modify or Remove



1. Select Activity

2. Select Booked In Tab

3. Select the Child

4. Click the cog to the right side of the screen, then select cancel:


This is an image of the Activities tab.

This is an image of the cancel bookings pop up warning.



You are prompted to add your reason for cancelling, then when you confirm you will see as below confirmation of your actions and that the bill payer is notified of the cancellation.  Unpaid invoices are voided, a pending adjustment will exist to paid customers to convert to a credit note and process a refund or offset against another invoice.


This is an image of the cancelation reason dialog box.

This is an image of cancelation confirmation.



You'll see from your communication tab, the cancellation confirmation email which has been sent to the primary contact.


This is an image of cancelation email confirmation.


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