How to Reconcile Attendance

  1. You have an activity running 
  2. You have completed the day/activity.
  3. You need to know how to reconcile the attendance for it.
This document assumes the following.
  • You have an activity set up and it is currently running.

  • You have used either the Mobile App, the Tablet Kiosk or Paper Form to record attendance

  • You want a detailed record of attendance recorded in Enrolmy.

This article will help you understand how to manage attendance, reconciliation, absences, and charges. 

Managing Attendance is vital to the successful administration of your Activity.  To help you understand how it all works together, this is the way to think:

  • Bookings are the anticipated expected scenario up to 24 hours prior to the first day of that booking.

  • On the day of the activity, the system moves to attendance mode.   Any changes from then on come under attendance, marking the outcome, such as absent, full charge, no charge etc.  This is now classed as past tense and will reflect the 'actual outcome' from the anticipated forward planned booking.

Your attendance must be completed after the first day.

Step 1

1. Click on the Attendance tab, you can jump to any week in the event.

2. Click on the day you want to view to jump to that day.

  • If you would like to print rolls just select the days you wish to print and click 'Print Daily Attendance Form'.
  • Otherwise, it will record the attendance from the use of the Mobile App or Tablet Kiosk.




Step 2

When viewing the attendance form you can manage that day of the activity. See below for an example.

1. Switch to any day from the form.

2. Before and after school care periods are separated on the attendance.

3. You can change which session a child attends.

4. You can move them to the waiting list which will move them to the waiting list section.

5. Add any student to the day by typing their name into the box into the box in the bookings section. Click the 'Search all children' box if you need to add an attendee who is not currently in the activity. Then click 'Add extra attendee'.

6. Add any student to the waiting list by typing their name into the box in the waiting list section. Click the 'Search all children' box if you need to add an attendee who is not currently in the activity. Then click 'Add extra attendee'.






 Step 3

Once a day is completed, the following extra section will appear on the attendance form.

1. Upload a copy of the signed attendance register.

2. Confirm that this is now a true an accurate record for the day.

3. Approve the attendance. It is important to note that only approved attendances are included when invoices are generated.




 Awesome! You now know how to reconcile attendance.

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  • Your attendance screen now has a column headed up "balance" with a $$$$ figure in it.

    Can you tell me how this amount is arrived at?

    On checking an example the total i arrive at does not agree with what is shown here.


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