How to Generate Concise Invoices with Grouped Invoicing

How to generate concise invoices with grouped invoicing

What is a grouped invoice layout, and when it should be used.

Grouped Invoices

Once you have set up Enrolmy you will have already gone through your settings menu and set up many things including your invoices, however, you can change by activity the invoices and the selection you make on a particular activity, in the activity settings, and this will override the main/default invoice settings.


What is a grouped Invoice?

A grouped invoice totals up the number of days or sessions by the item column of an activity or many activities, IT WILL NOT, however, list the days with dates and break down the specific detail.

A booking summary is attached to the bottom of each invoice.


When should you use this invoice type?

This invoice type is particularly useful for activities such as a course or workshop whereby it only runs once per week for a set duration, it will record 1 booking and total, despite the course running over 12 weeks for example, every Tuesday.

Example Invoice

example  invoice (grouped invoices)

As you can see from the above it counts the one session which is a class.


Where do I change the settings for this?

On the activity settings itself, you will see invoice settings, you will need to select the advanced option as per the below diagram.

Invoice settings (Grouped invoices) 1

Invoice settings (Grouped invoices) 2

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