How to Reverse Applied Credit Notes

Reversing Applied Credit Notes

How to un-apply a credit note you have previously used and applied to an invoice.

How to Reverse an Applied Credit Note

If you have applied a credit note to an invoice and this has been in error, or you now need to undo this action, follow the steps below to un-apply the credit note.


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1. Navigate to the 'Money Tab'

2. Select 'Credit Notes'

3. Select the plus tab +

3. Search and select the credit note you wish to reverse from the applied to invoice option

4. Check the box of the credit note, then click the cog to far right of line entry

5. Select "DELETE"

6. You will be asked if you want to permanently delete..

7. Select Yes

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8. You will receive a confirmation pop up

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9. The credit notes(s) which have been un-applied will now show in your Current Tab for you to action further.

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