How to Create Your Own Email Templates & Modify System Templates

How to Create Your Own Email Templates & Modify System Templates

Standard System Email Templates, and Customised Email

Standard System Templates, and Customised


You will see from the communications tab that you can access email templates.


This is an image of Modify Templates button.


  • Select Modify Templates
  • There are three tabs, default system templates, system templates, and personal templates


This is an image of Default System Templates.


  • You can view any template by simply selecting it


This is an image of System Email Template pop up.


Editing Templates

  • Select the template you wish to edit
  • Click on the cog to the far right of the screen
  • Select Edit
  • DO not EDIT any of the macro fields if you do not understand how they work, please contact the team who can edit for you


This is an image of the Actions cog, View and Edit.

This is an image of Modify default system template screen.


Creating Personalised Templates

It is a great idea if you want to send out seasonal emails or bulk email to set up a personalised template first, you can add in links if you wish and attach other documents.

Once you have done this you can then select the customers you choose either all, or through tagged groups or just parents or students via the filters, then select to email and choose your personal template.  Here is how to create your new template.


  • Select  'New Personal Template'
  • Enter Template Name, Subject and Content


This is an image of Create new personal template.



Use the tool bar below in the template design to change text type, alignment, add images, and web links

tool bar for editing emails

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