FAQ's for Activities

FAQ's for Activities

Some common areas causing difficulties with probable solutions/reasons




FAQ's for Activities



Q. My activity is not showing online, why?

A. Firstly ensure you have switched this on in the activity set up so that its made public and showing on the web, also ensure your Venue has been set to live also, always check your Venues in your settings for this.  You also should check the dates of your activity to make sure you have not entered dates that have now passed.


Q. The google map and pin of our location is showing in the wrong place, why?

A. The address noted for the venue will be incorrect, check the address under Venues, within your settings.


Q. How can I gauge interest for an activity without creating the activity first, just in case I do not get enough numbers?

A. The best way's to do this is to either create and Enquiry only activity in which interested people will come through to you and you will need to email them back.


Q. I want to add lunches on to an activity how can I do this?

A. You can do this either using the Additional Items option which now lets you add anything extra to your activity and then you can have a separate list of those items.

You could also upload a menu to the activity and ask parents to email their orders to you by a certain time, you could then create a separate invoice for this for payment.


Q. If I allow people to add themselves to a waiting list, will they get notified when a space is available and I add them to the activity?

A. No, the reason being is that we assume you are in contact with the customer and when a space is available, firstly you check they are still interested and have not booked something else, if they are interested you can add them in and discuss payment accordingly.


Q.How do I roll my activity over from one year to the next as it is ongoing.

A.When you set you your activity you always have a start and end date, if your activity is concluding you can simply copy this activity to create a new one.  You need to ensure pricing, dates and all the fine details are changed and correct as once you receive bookings you are unable to change it.


Q. I need to change some details on my activity but it wont let me?

A. Yes it is critical to ensure your activity is correct and proofed by another before taking bookings as the activity will lock down.  Please get in touch with us regarding what needs changing so we can see if we can help you.


Q. I am not sure which activity type to select

A. Please browse this help doc which explains more about the types available:  All Activity Types Explained


Q. I set my cap for the activity but it has gone over how is that?

A. There are many reasons that this can happen, sometimes the timing of bookings, some customers could be booking more than one child simultaneously which may send it over, it may be that someone has tweaked the numbers during the listing time and then moved them back when numbers went over, or you may not be understanding how the booking calculations work.  Firstly always allow for one or two overs, secondly this help doc explains how the calculations work: Understanding Bookable Place Calculations


Q. How can I view what my activity will look like before I make it live.

A. This is very important and easy to do, simply select the writing in blue called Preview which is next to the activity name once your set up is complete, select Activity - Activity Name - Select Preview in blue writing next to Activity name...you can publish and un- publish at any time whilst making changes


Q. How is it best to manage Before and After School Care Terms

A. It is best practice to run your BASC for a full year starting after your annual rate increase.  This will allow the parent to book without having to create a new booking each term and complete the full process and the prices are static.


Q.  There are some children booked on an activity with no invoices generated and it will not allow me to generate one, why?

A. This is generally due to incorrect activity set-up, if you can check that you have selected in the activity settings "I need to know the name of the child that this item is for". That means when the parents book they are asked to select the names of the children.

Also, you also need to have ticked "Ask the customer how many of these items (quantity) they would like." so that when booking multiple children they can select the units, otherwise a parent can only select a quantity of 1 meaning any siblings are booked without a unit quantity and therefore no invoice.


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