How To Generate Reports In Enrolmy

How to Generate Reports in Enrolmy

All of the activity, customer and money data generated from your business is exportable by a CSV format inside Enrolmy.

Create a data report for selected users and their bill payer details

It may be necessary to create a report with selected data which has been collected about Parents, Children, Bill Paying and Contact Information.


You can select your criteria, generate a CSV, then further filter or hide columns for your specific purpose once you have downloaded your report. You can then convert your CSV to excel for sharing within your organisation.


Here is a step by step guide as to how:

1. Firstly select the 'Customers Tab', and 'Active Accounts'

2. Secondly select the Filters tab as shown (1), then select Students from the drop-down menu as shown in (2) see image below.


This is an image of My Customers, Students, Filter


3. When your list of students has been created, ensure you have selected "show all" as shown below, so that you can select all the students or specific ones depending on the information you wish to collate.    


This is an image Show all                                                                                               


4. Once you have select your choice of students, you can choose to export the data into a CSV from the + (plus) tab, this will then direct you to select the data you wish the report to contain as shown in Diag. 2, then you simply select ​


This is an image of Scroll to the top and select all. Export to CSV.       


This is an image of Export to CSV pop-up.


You can also export all the information then choose to hide or delete certain columns from your spreadsheet.

Exporting Data to MYOB

The process is the same as carried out in the previous notes, only you would be exporting the data from the money tab, you may wish to export all of the outstanding payments or all paid, here is an example.

1. Navigate to the Money Tab

2. Select the Paid or Awaiting Payment or the criteria you wish to export

3. Select all of the names and click the +More button

4. Select export CSV to MYOB from the selection

5. Your CSV will download ready for you to adjust and save then upload

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