1. You need to know what the My Activities tab is used for.
  2. You need to know how to navigate the My Activities tab.
This document assumes the following.
  • You know how to get to the Activities tab.

  • Individual activity set-up is covered under the 'Setting Up Your (activity type)' article within the help docs, as the set-up process is slightly different for different activity types.
  • Please also check the 'Incorrect Activity Set-Up' article, which explains what happens if you set up an activity incorrectly. You can do so here:     

Click here!  


You can find all your Activities under the My Activities tab.  

The following sub-tabs are available

  1. All Activities
  2. Current Activities (activities currently running)
  3. Future Activities (activities coming up)
  4. Concluded Activities (activities that have finished)
  5. Archived Activities - under the plus (activities that you have archived)


Other Features of the Activities Page

  • Filters.  By clicking Filters it opens up the ability to filter by Venue or Activity Type.
  • Public.  You can see if your activity is posted live to the public.
  • Cog.  By clicking the Cog, you can choose to:
  1. View (go into the management area).
  2. Edit Settings (edit the activity).
  3. Add Attendee to Activity.
  4. Create a copy. 



Awesome! You now know what the My Activities tab is used for.

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