The 'My Activities' Tab

Brief description of the sub-tabs available under the 'My Activities' tab and other features you can find on the Activities page.

Individual activity set-up is covered under the Setting Up Your (activity type) article within the help docs, the set-up process is different for different activity types.


Please also check the 'Incorrect Activity Set-Up' article, which explains what happens if you set up an activity incorrectly.




You can find all your Activities under the My Activities tab.  

The following subtabs are available

  1. All Activities
  2. Current Activities (activities currently running)
  3. Future Activities (activities coming up)
  4. Concluded Activities (activities that have finished)
  5. Archived Activities - under the plus (activities that you have archived)

Sub-Tabs under My Activity Tab


Other Features of the Activities Page


  1. Filters
  2. By clicking Filters it opens up the ability to filter by Venue or Activity Type.
  3. You can see if your activity is posted live to the public.
  4. By clicking the Cog
  5. You can choose to
  • View (go into the management area
  • Edit Settings (edit the activity)
  • Add Attendee to Activity.
  • Create a copy.

Features on the Activities page

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