Essentials - Your Ts & Cs (Terms & Conditions)

  1. You are setting up your Account with Enrolmy.
  2. You want to enter or edit your Terms & Conditions.
This document assumes the following.
  • You have a set of Terms and Conditions for customers to see.

  • You understand the importance of disclosing your policies to the customer, so they know what they are agreeing to.

Your Ts & Cs

 To navigate to your Terms and Conditions:

  1. Click the (+) tab in the main navigation bar, and select Settings.
  2. In the left side panel, under Essentials, select Your Ts & Cs.



Enter your Terms and Conditions in the textbox provided.

It's very important to detail your organisation's rules and policies so it is clear to parents how you operate and what is expected.

 Here are some things to be included:

  • How you deal with Medical information, Accidents & First Aid / Sickness policies 
  • How you handle payments / invoicing (your Business Rhythm)
  • Tolerated behaviour / Code of Conduct / Bullying policies
  • Sign-in / sign-out and late pick-up policies
  • Complaints Procedures
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Other general information, policies, and rules
  • Whether you accept WINZ and/or are a registered OSCAR provider

It is best practice to have your terms and conditions reviewed by a lawyer or other relevant professional.  Your customers will agree to your Terms and Conditions every time they book with you and it forms the legal basis of your relationship with them. 



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