Organisation Settings - Setting Up

This is where you list and update your business profile with company description, contact details, photos, address etc.

Getting Started

From within Settings (in the +plus tab) and under the home sign - Settings Dashboard you can access your Organisation/Business and Activity Settings

Here you can list and update your profile and company details, and methodically go through and enter all required details in a linear format.


This will help to ensure you have set up all categories and nothing important has been missed.

Mini-site setup


Above is the first thing you will see by clicking on the "Lets Do It" this will take you directly to your mini site settings.  

Enrolmy provides every organisation with their own "minisite". This is your own space on Enrolmy where your customers will begin each booking journey. Take some time to select nice feature images and write a detailed About Us section to help make your minisite attractive and inviting.


Upon completion of this, if you click on the left menu, and navigate back to your Dashboard you can then start to work your way through each of the settings saving as you go.  All of the items in the below two large boxes: Business Settings and Activities and Bookings are all covered in the mini site.

Enrolmy Business Settings


Minisite Header- Here you need to upload your logo and feature image, this image will appear at the top of your minisite, choose an image that suits the shape as you are unable to resize to fit, so the orientation much match, for best results resize your images prior if necessary to 1080 x 608 pixels as Erolmy doesl not auto size.


About- This section is where all potential or existing customers can read about you there is a brief description and longer detailed description.

Featured Sidebar- This is where you can add catchy, quirky and audacious descriptions of your activities to the side of your main page.

Feature Title #1 and #2 will be the titles for these descriptions, highlighted in blue, as shown above.


The rest is self explainable

  • Remember to use the Save Changes button to save any changes you make s you go rather than just at the end.


  • You can switch Online Publishing Settings to NO when you are undergoing maintenance. At all other times, remember to keep it on YES so that it will appear to your customers.

The next step is to complete Invoice Settings and Enrolment Form.


Invoice Settings


Automated Invoicing


Automated Invoicing is one of the most convenient functions Enrolmy brings to administration staff.


Continue through the set up page as above, if you need to edit this once it is set up at a later date you can do this by clicking on the '+plus' tab (next to Money) then 'Settings', you can also access this through settings via the cog next to your name.


STEP 1: Start by adding your Title - the name of the business you trade as. Fill in the details for an Invoice Contact. The Invoice Address will have a drop-down menu from which you can select the address you prefer to list. Based on the option you choose, the address will appear in the box beneath the field.

STEP 2: Add a picture to the invoice (such as your company's logo) by clicking the Upload Logo button in the Branding section. Enter the details of the bank account you would like payments to be made to.

STEP 3: Indicate whether you are GST Registered or not. Add an Invoice Note (optional) if you would like to customise the message that appears on your invoices e.g. you offer B/ASC for multiple schools and have different bank accounts for parents to pay into. Specify your Payment Terms using the drop-down menu.


Remember to save any changes you make by clicking the Save Settings button the bottom right-hand side of the screen.

GST Registration Settings

Bank account settings


Enrolment Form


This is where you are able to create and update your enrolment form. This is known on Enrolmy as the Safety Form.


To put one of these pre-defined questions in your enrolment form, make sure the question is turned on. A question that is off will not show in your enrolment form.


If you need to ask questions that are not shown here then you may create custom questions.


You will notice on this section you have Yes/No toggle, this is so you can switch on or off these particular questions.

In addition to this there is a Required tick box to some important questions which you can make mandatory by entering a tick.


Contact numbers also offers a couple of choices, either you tick you want both one or none, or you can select theRequires at least one, which is best to cover all basis in case some parents do not have a home or mobile phone.

NB if you have selected both numbers and a parent does not have them, they will not be able to proceed.

Parent and Guardian Form


The above format is followed throughout the form, ensure that if you have any questions you must ask not listed you navigate to Custom Questions from the menu to the left and enter in your specific questions.

Custom Questions

Advanced Organisation Settings


Notification Settings For Providers

We've made it possible to control which booking and Safety Form notifications you receive by email.

You can now turn off, or on, the following email notification settings:

  • A notification to you every time a customer makes a new booking (on by default).
  • A notification to you every time a customer modifies an existing booking (on by default).
  • A notification to you every time a new customer submits a Safety Form (on by default).
  • A notification to you every time a customer updates their Safety Form (off by default).

These notification settings do not affect the notifications that your customers receive when they make a booking.

The new settings can be found under the Settings Tab → Advanced Org

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