Authorised Pick Up's

How to add, edit, and manage authorised pick up persons

Authorised Pick Up Nominees

It is important that all customer accounts with children listed have clearly outlined the authorised pick up persons and keep these up to date, whilst the Enrolmy software allows these to be notes and also names requested on tablet sign in/out version of attendance lists, it is the responsibility of the provider to ensure only the authorised named person(s) collect the children.

How to add named person's

During the booking process, the enrolment form requests that the customer add named persons who are authorised to pick up the child/children, therefore once this is complete all details are stored on the customer record.  Please be aware that incomplete enrolments may mean you are missing vital information.

How to Change named person's (parent making the change)

Should a customer need to make changes or add additional person(s), here is how they would do this:

1. Customer to log in to Enrolmy

2. Select My Providers

3. Select Enrolment form under Provider Name

4. Progress through each stage to Authorised Pick Up Section

5. Add extra names, or edit existing

6. Progress to end of enrolment

7. Save changes

8. Repeat for all providers

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How to Change named person's (provider making the change)

Should a customer request that you edit or add details on their behalf, here is how:

1. Find the customer in your database

2. Select the first child under the parent profile

3. Select Edit

4. Add or edit named person's

5. Save page

6. Repeat for all Children

7. Check any accounts that the second parent may have of their own, and repeat the above process for children again

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How to print authorised pick up lists

Should you wish to print out a list of attendees from an activity with their associated pick up persons, here is how:

1. Select the activity

2. Select the "booked in tab"

3. Select all the names booked in

4. Select the + More button

5. Select Export to CSV

6. Un-select all criteria other than name and authorised pick up selections

7. Export data

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