Manage Tags

Use Tags to group and sort your customers in any way that you like.

Use Tags to group and sort your customers in any way that you like.


Create your tags below, then tag your customers from the Customers tab. Create a Tag Group to group related tags together. You will be able to filter by this group of tags when seraching for customers. Once you have created a tag group, simply drag the tag from the All Tags list and drop it into the Tag Group of your choosing. You can also re-order the tags within each Tag Group if the order is important to you.


Managing your tags is a great way to segment and therefore better understand your customer groups. You can access this page in the sidebar (second option down from the top in Essentials) within Settings.


Getting started guide




The light-blue box titled 'Getting Started Guide' gives you some ideas as to how you can use your tags. An example of using tags might be to create a tag group for parents that can help out with certain events under the name "Parent Helpers" Within this group would be tags for different types of parents helping out such as "transport," or "catering" etc.


Simply create a new tag/group using the buttons found at the bottom of the rows (as highlighted below) and migrate tags to tag groups as you see fit.


You can order tags within groups if you feel the need to


To remove tags from groups (and from the list of tags) click the small 'x' to the right of each tag.

Add or Remove Tags

Tag group



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