Adding & Editing Venues

You may have multiple locations that you run activities at. Here's how to add those locations in as a venue.

How to Add, Edit or Archive Venues


Adding a Venue


Go to your Settings by clicking either the cog under your login name (top right) of screen, or by the plus + tab to the top of the screen. Once in your settings you will see Venues shown on the left hand side menu:


Venue 1


Your next step is to Create a New Venue, you will see when you select this button Venue details display, please enter all of the details about the Venue and ensure that the map is correctly displayed for the address.


Venue 2

Venue 3


When you are satisfied that all of the details you have entered are correct, Save the Venue and repeat where necessary.

Venue 4


Public View On/Off


Before this Venue is made public for view, you must toggle the On/Off button as required.  Should you wish to TURN OFF a Venue as it is no longer being used, the this is where you would switch the visibility off.


Editing and Archiving a Venue




There may be times where you need to 'Edit' details of a venue, could be change of contact number, access the Venues in the same way by selecting the Venue from the menu on the left.

You will then see a list of all Venues displayed, there are All, Active and Archived tabs:

Venue 5

Select your Venue from the display that you wish to edit:

Venue 6

You will then be able to change the details within in the same way as creating a new venue. Ensure you save the changes when you are happy and complete.

Venue 7


Archiving a Venue


Should any of your venues need to be removed altogether rather than switched off, ie: Venue no longer exists, then you can do this in the same way as editing, but instead of selecting the cog to edit, select the Archive tab as shown:


Venue 8


You will be prompted to make sure this is what you actually want to do, then when your action is complete you will receive confirmation, and the Venue will now reside in the Archived tab

Venue 9

Venue 10

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