Adding Organisational Staff to Enrolmy

Adding Organisational Staff to Enrolmy

You can add new staff to your organisation so that they each have a unique log-in, and can access the system for work, you will need to determine whom you wish to have access.

You can find the page to manage staff as below.

  1. Click the Plus (+) next to Money
  2. Click Settings fro the dropdown menu.
  3. Click Manage Staff from the Settings Menu on the left.

Finding the Manage Staff Page


Once on the page you can (see below)

  1. View your Staff
  2. Add Staff Members
  3. Edit Staff Profiles.

 User-added image


To Add a Staff Member Click on “Add staff member” top-right, the page will then display fields for completion on your member of staff you wish to add.


Creating a new staff account



Step 3 - Completing the Form

  1. Complete the form 'Create New Staff Account' in full with the staff member’s details NOT the organisation’s details.
  2. Once completed, click on 'Create Account' - (bottom right.)
  3. Once you have hit this button an email invite will be automatically generated and sent to the staff member to join EnrolMy.

Optional Step - Resend Invite, Or Edit

Once you have saved the staff member’s details their status will show as "Placeholder" until the staff member has accepted the EnrolMy invite.

You have the additional options to resend the invite or edit any of the details, by clicking on the “Actions” cog next to the relevant staff member.


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